Sunday September 22 , 2019
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Check out a recent interview that KaoticBlaze did with Crazy Legs
about his upcoming 35th Anniversary as a B-boy.

Make sure that you change the language to english if needed.

Currently when one thinks of a B-Boy from the golden years, a vision of a man approaching his 50s appears. Maybe an image of a heavier set man rocking the throwback style of his time that is still relevant and popular today. Maybe it’s engaging in a conversation, blog or panel discussion on how things “use to be” or better yet, “What I use to do…” With the reality of injuries and time shortening the average life of any B-Boy or B-Girl, how many members of that “golden age” of B-Boying can you say still rep today?

On July 28, 2012 Rock Steady Crew president Crazy Legs is scheduled to celebrate his 35 years in the game by battling some of the most respected breakers in what he calls a celebreaktion. Join me as I follow Crazy Legs’ physical and mental preparation for what could be the most challenging battle(s) of his B-Boy career. Part one of my three-part discussion takes place at the end of April, 2 months into his training period while he’s in Puerto Rico… 

Click here to read the entire interview with Crazy Legs
(Make sure that you change the language to English if needed on the R16 site )

“CELE-BREAKING” 35 YEARS IN THE GAME PART 1: PREPARATION. Part one of three-part discussion with Crazy Legs by KaoticBlaze