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rap-basement| June 28, 2012

Manhattan bred b boying legend Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew who arrived in the country on Monday continued with his Mumbai safari yesterday by meeting fellow b boys/girls from the tougher parts of the city.

After a busy morning schedule attending meetings and radio interviews, the legendary President of Rock Steady Crew visited Battle Fort in Sion in Mumbai’s Central suburbs. The fort which was erected by Maratha Warrior Shivaji also serves as some kind of hip hop cradle in the Mumbai, kind of a Mumbai Bronx. At the fort, Legs was clearly impressed by the unity and the passion on display when the local dancers hit the floor to exhibit their moves. He then proceeded to show his moves too, and then finished off with a discussion session with the local kids through a translator as many of them do not speak English. The dancer whose real name is Richard Colon also showed tremendous interest in the Battle Fort Jam that occurs annually at the venue. He inquired about trouble with law enforcers and advised the b boys present to find ways of getting cops on their side if they want their events to flourish.

After spending time at the Fort and soaking up its breath-taking view, Legs proceeded to Xavier Institute of Engineering in Mahim where he met kids from a nearby shanty town. The kids welcomed him with an orchestra playing only tins and drums. At this point, the dance icon seemed touched by the warmth and vigor displayed by the youngsters. He went on to narrate his own story, having grown up in similar pecuniary circumstances, but he gave them a word of encouragement telling them that they could become the agents of the change their people long for, just like in his case.

Today will be Crazy Leg’s last day in Mumbai before he proceeds to Delhi where from there he will hold a workshop in Gurgaon and spin on Friday night at F Bar.