Sunday September 22 , 2019
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After completing a tour of Mumbai, Rock Steady Crew president B Boy Crazy Legs took his game to the capital on Friday (29th June).

The tour started in the afternoon with a visit to the studios of Hit 95 FM in Gurgaon in the Near Capital Region.

After the radio interview, Legs proceeded to Gurgaon Central Mall where there were b boys waiting earnestly for the legend’s workshop.

At the appearance, the breakers duly jumped on the dance floor as soon as they got a go ahead from the veteran breaker, and unlike in Mithibhai College (Mumbai) 2 days earlier, Legs didn’t stop any of the dancers midway through their routines. When the time came, he jumped into the cipher and as always, impressed the young enthusiastic dancers who were on hand to witness his presence.

After the jam session, Crazy Legs picked the microphone and gave the attendees advice on improvements they need to make. Like in Mumbai, he noted that many of the dancers had problems with their transitions and he suggested they pay special attention to that. Legs went on to post questions from the listeners, and he was impressed by the amount of knowledge they had on his background. Issues discussed included how to handle dance floor taunts, how to keep a crew united and going, organizing jams and how to balance the passion of breaking vis-à-vis responsibilities. Of interest was the question of what his opinion is on the Korean breaking scene. The answer was diplomatic, firstly, he confessed that he has never been to the country, and then he commended Korean b boys/girls for having come a long way since when they began, back then Legs said, they couldn’t even dance to the beat, but today, they can hold their own. He also seized on the example to encourage the aspiring breakers in the audience to pursue their dreams as hard work always pays.

After the interactive session that had over 200 attendees filling up all the space that was provided for the event, Legs left for his next appointment, a DJing gig at Delhi’s swanky F Bar nightclub. There the usually “top 40” kind of crowd surprised him with their enthusiasm to groove to his mix of breaks and old school tunes. Also in the house to lend a hand were the Delhi b boys and girls who showed up in full force and entertained the revelers, many who stopped dancing and began marveling at the skills on exhibition.

The next day, Saturday the 30th, The RSC President made a trip to the Tiny Drops Center in Khirkee Village which teaches hip hop culture in New Delhi. Crazy Legs himself being from the hood had no hang ups in visiting the tough neighborhood, in fact he looked excited connecting with the kids at the center which is run by among others, the respected veteran b boy He Ra

Finding that the music wasn’t loud enough, Legs slipped a crisp $100 dollar bill and asked the overseers to buy a new amp and speakers for the center, a gesture that was well appreciated by the students and management of the “hip hop school”.

After meeting the kids at Khirkee, Crazy Legs’ last scheduled appearance at India Gate for a Red bull event was cancelled when the organizers ran into trouble with the authorities, and with that, the indefatigable hip hop ambassador completed a punishing week long schedule that saw him hold workshops in Mumbai and Delhi, attend meetings, make numerous courtesy calls, radio appearances and also meet with numerous journalists.

As he left for the US, Legs expressed immense gratitude for the warm reception he received in India. He also revealed an admiration for the level of development breaking has achieved in India even deep in the hoods where fast internet connections and televisions are a luxury.

If all goes well, Legs plans to return in future with some of his colleagues including the highly commended B Girl Bonita.

Before boarding the flight, Crazy Legs sent out a special message for all b boys/b girls in India, we caught it on camera, and will post the video as soon as possible.

Legs was in the country courtesy of 9XO and Zomba. We followed the veteran breaker throughout his India tour and you can check out pictures from his entire tour here. Also look out for a documentary coming soon, covering the RSC President’s tour of India.