Sunday September 22 , 2019
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June 26th, 2012 was a date no-one from the HipHop scene in Mumbai will forget any time soon, the day HipHop legend and b-boy pioneer Crazy Legs made his mark in the financial capital with a workshop at NM College courtesy of Umang, Red Bull, 9XO and yours truly – Zomba.

Blessing the city and the attendees at the event with plenty knowledge and sharing some of his experiences, Crazy Legs had most of the audience in awe as he led them through the basics of breaking to more complex aspects of the culture.

The Rock Steady Crew president began the workshop by fielding questions from those present. Questions posed ranged from the most basic like what is the relation between b boying and hip hop to issues like “dealing with opponents in a b-boy battle”. He also narrated tales about his illustrious career, rumours about him and his crew, his visit to India, his favourite b-boys and more.

While Legs quenched the curiosity of the questioners, his honesty and humility quickly endeared him to everyone present. Soon after question time, without wasting time he arranged everyone in 5 lines and began the workshop which was the highlight of the event. He then went on to open the floor to individual b-boys and b-girls, and advised each one on what mistakes they made or improvements they needed to add to their routines, right from their overall approach to the nitty-gritty of the moves they performed.

While the participants in the workshop came away better b-boys and b-girls, every attendee left with a sense of pride in being present on the day that one of the biggest stories behind one of hip-hop’s pillars unravelled in Mumbai and linked up with our local talent.